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For Hire!

As a video editor, voice actor, and archivist I specialize in a variety of digital services and creative projects. Email me for your next personal or professional video project or if you're in need of preserving precious memories from VHS tapes for an affordable price.

Video Digital Conversion:
Preserve your memories by converting your nostalgic tapes to digital files! I accept VHS, VHS-C, HI8 & Digital 8 Tapes, Mini DV Tapes, DVCam, Beta, and MC-60 Audio Tapes. All submitted tapes are converted to digital files for easy preservation and for sharing on social media!


Custom Movie Mixtape:
Your own custom movie montage/mixtape for you or someone special! Send me your list of films, choice of music, and other details you'd like for your own personalized montage. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, and more!


Voice Acting:
My voice acting background includes video narration, audiobooks, animation, ASMR, and more! Email me with your project details and let's work together on something awesome!

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